Monday, September 26, 2011

Two of Us Dating Service - First Date Conversations

A highly anticipated first date can leave you breathless and tongue tied when you are seated across the table from an attractive person who may turn out to be the love of your life.  How do you break the ice and get the conversation going?   If you have been matched by Two of Us Dating Service you have an advantage because your date has been selected for you based on an in depth test taken by each of you that determines compatibility.  Two of Us Dating Service has also paid close attention to your criteria for an ideal mate and has introduced you to someone who meets those criteria.  Now it is up to you to build on the planning so you are ready to introduce topics that spark conversations that are lively and fun.    
A relationship counselor from Two of Us will help you with advice on making a good first impression.  Here are a few ideas for conversation starters that you can take with you on the first night out with your match.          
·         What kind of food do you like?  Do you have a favorite wine?
·         Tell me how you like to spend your leisure time.  Do you have a special hobby?
·         What did you do on your last vacation?
·         Do you have a favorite movie of all time? 
·         What qualities in a person do you most admire?
·         Tell me about your work?  What do you most like about it?
·         If you were independently wealthy, how would you spend your time?
·         What are you most passionate about?
·         Which place do you most want to visit for the first time?
·         Do you have a favorite song?  Who is your favorite musical artist?
·         Which do you like best, the beach or the mountains? 
·         What makes you laugh?
·         Do you have brothers and sisters?  Tell me about them.
·         Do have a favorite pet?

Pace yourself and let the conversation flow.  Asking rapid fire questions without giving your date enough time to reflect and answer can make it feel like an interrogation instead of a pleasant chat.  An occasional silence isn’t a bad thing.  Don’t feel like you have to talk constantly.  Remember to pace yourself and build in time for listening.  Follow the 60/40 rule and listen 60% percent of the time.    
Your relationship counselor is a great resource and can teach you to avoid topics that could lead to trouble and can highlight techniques that will help you relax and enjoy yourself. If you are having a good time, there is a very good chance that your date will be having fun, too.   Two of Us has been successfully matching couples for over twenty years and they take great care in selecting a date for you.  Your meetings with your relationship counselor from Two of Us Dating Service will give you the confidence and the knowledge you need to go on a safe and enjoyable first date and hopefully many more.          

Friday, September 2, 2011

Two of Us Dating Service - How Matchmaking Saved My Life

Two of Us Dating Service

I’d tried a number of online dating services and although some of the people I met were alright, they were not the sort of people I could see myself falling in love with. Then I came across the Two of Us Dating Service, unlike online dating sites these people actually try to find you someone with whom you’re going to be compatible. The Two of Us Dating Service is a matchmaking service in the old fashioned sense of the term. Most online dating sites let you sign up and get on with it and it’s all too easy to just hook up with someone because you like the way they look, that is not what matchmaking is about.

Matchmaking, as it’s done through the Two of Us Dating Service works, it actually saved my love life. I’d been on plenty of dates and they hadn’t worked out because so many of the people I met had a totally different outlook on life and didn’t seem to share the same values. When you sign up with the Two of Us Dating Service, they will only accept you if they think you are ready for dating and if they can find someone with whom you’ll be compatible. Unless they can match people’s compatibility they don’t accept them. Sometimes you may have to wait to get taken on by this matchmaking service, but it’s worth the wait, they matched me with someone, we fell in love and next year we’re getting married. Most online dating services don’t follow through, sure they’ll give you are referral but then it’s all up to you, with a matchmaking service you know that they are going to be there to give help and advice throughout the dating process.

The Two of Us Dating Service is a matchmaking service where they interview everyone and find out about their dating goals and what they want from life before they introduce people. I’d had enough of online dating, it just wasn’t working for me, but when I managed to get taken on by the Two of Us Dating Service, my life changed. If you’re looking for love then don’t bother with those online dating services where they just take your money and let you sign up. Sure, you may meet people with online dating, but do you know whether those people have been properly screened? You have to be careful online.

Matchmaking with the Two of Us Dating Service really has helped me to find the one person that I felt I could spend my life with. If you are going to spend your money on trying to find love then you really will stand more of a chance of finding true love with a matchmaking service. Matchmaking worked for me it saved me from going on useless dates and helped me find someone to love.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Two Of Us Dating Service Discusses and Covers The Helpfulness of Matchmaking

If you’re single, you’ve quite possibly have been “matched” prior to by well-meaning friends or family. It was generally an individual that they felt you would instantly click with. Sadly, for most single men and women, they find these matches the contrary. Matchmaking done as a gift of friendship by a friend or relative doesn’t have a high rate of success for most people. Now and then, you’ll get the odd successes, but for the most part it is extremely infrequent.

The structure never ends. Matchmaking is a technique that’s going on day-to-day, and the side that you’re come across isn’t all that pretty. You’re viewing the angle of the wonderful, playful matchmaking that not often results in success: the type where your aunt sets you up with her nephew’s best friend, waiting in expectation for starry results. But what about successful matchmaking? There is a real possibility of success in that area. Many folks have chosen a matchmaker and discovered their ideal true love afterwards.

Victorious Matchmaking:
Right now, as a single person who’s been matched by friends too many times, you may not even care to hear the term matchmaking. But are you aware the process may be effective? In fact, so positive, that you could essentially meet your true love by way of a match?

If you are searching to go a stride further with matchmaking, you will discover dependable matchmaking professional services that exist to look for your soul mate. Two of Us Dating Service is one of these, and they've got a huge database well over 40,000 singles by which they can locate a ideal match for yourself. Their approach to matchmaking is conducted via their customizable 2OU Methodology, some thing that is copyrighted to Two of Us Dating Service only. With this method, you’ll receive a one-on-one interview with a Two of Us Dating Service connection specialist. From there, you’ll have a 72 point compatibility test that will endeavor to take in your qualities and fascinates for suitable matching. Two of Us then functions to create a relationship system around your information that will bring you a soul mate.

You might be faster to subscribe to a free online dating group that features a large number of members than pay for the high price to look for a partner. But take into consideration, obtaining a partner for life will bring you joy that money can’t match. Also, going solo in the online dating sites community can be hazardous. Predators who pass by pseudonyms lurk in the free chat rooms, and you just never know about the credibility of an individual that you’re not seeing one on one.

Matchmaking is usually completely different than anything you’re familiar with, together with the right tools and the right resources. Today, Two of Us Dating Service has given matchmaking the latest name. With services like what they've got to supply, matchmaking can truly be a success. Their methodology is unlike anyone else’s in the industry.

If you’re a single looking for that soul mate, take a look at Two of Us Dating Service at and set up a consultation with a relationship expert at among the fourteen statewide locations. It may be your first step to a successful matchmaking encounter, and a way out of the dating scene that you always appear to walk away from empty-handed.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two of Us Match Making

When you ever plus your someone special found available for you by Two of Us are looking for a little unexpected adventure, a playful retreat with the everyday intrusions from the modern world, why not take a take a step back with time to some more genteel pace of life? A spot where charm and civility reined, where contemplations of the meaning of life and love enjoyed from the golden hues of luxurious surroundings, imaginations teased by tantalizing amusements, every appetite was satisfied with sumptuous culinary delights? Such pleasing pastimes continue to be to get discovered and enjoyed on the Southern charm and grace with the town of Birmingham, Alabama. Nestled with the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, this vibrant city is the quintessential Southern city - simultaneously exciting, friendly, traditional and enchantingly eccentric. By using adverse spectrum of attitudes and culture intertwined with its legendary role during this country’s history, Birmingham has retained its alluring Southern character seducing visitors with its mesmerizing style and elegance.

Nowhere is the sophistication and hospitality from the old South more evident than for the Cobb Lane Bed and Breakfast, Birmingham’s first and only bed and breakfast located at the heart in the Five Points Historic District. On the cobblestone Cobb Lane ultimately causing the inn on the glittering crystal chandeliers illuminating the richly detailed Victorian décor, you’ll be swept away with the romance from a bygone era as your special someone enjoy comforts associated with an original four-poster canopied Queen-size bed in your lavishly-appointed three-room suite. The golden cupid chandelier and authentic fainting couch in your private parlor will give a comfortable love nest for cuddling while basking inside the splendor belonging to the rosy hues of a spectacular sunset. Mere steps far from lots of renowned restaurants in the Five Points Historic District offering every sort of temping taste to appease your palate, you’ll be spoiled for choice and tempted to spend the night trying all sorts of delicious treats.

The delicious aromas of freshly brewed coffee and a full traditional breakfast will tease your senses as you awaken in your own romantic idyll to relish a leisurely day away from the urban tumult of your modern world. Really do not think to while away the daylight hours than walking hand-in-hand via a garden paradise at a Birmingham Botanical Gardens? With more than 10,000 different plants blooming in a lot more than 25 gardens covering nearly 70 acres, the serenity and sweetness on this southern Garden of Eden will really inspire some sinful thoughts, offering quiet corners by which to express a dedicated kiss. From the earthly delights with the glorious gardens, take your love soaring towards the heights of the gods with a visit towards the Vulcan Park and Museum. With a breathtaking view of the city below, your romance will be blessed by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, as you admire the 56-foot cast iron statue of her husband, Vulcan, overlooking the city he valiantly guards. Ignite the embers of passion in your relationship as you light Vulcan’s torch together, admiring its glow and the twinkling of the lights as the city comes to life in the early evening hours while you share an embrace on your heavenly pedestal.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Two of Us Dating System Provides the Essentials of Matchmaking

Matchmaking is making a comeback and setting the online dating community on its heels. It’s possible we have Patti Stanger to thank, I’m not absolutely sure, but deter the surprise value and ratings maximizing verbal diarrhea, and I’m sure beneath there exists a lot of very good aspects. Really good old-fashioned matchmaking will have a space in today’s dating scene, a pretty dominant one in my opinion.

Online dating at its most beneficial is the finish result of a precisely designed psyche algorithm that connects you with another person depending on the consequences of your character assessment. At its most detrimental, its delusional Photo shopped people hiding in cyberspace to prey on the unsuspecting and vulnerable.

Matchmaking, alternatively, gives you the ability to meet one on one with a courting authority to enable you to review your features in a sensible technique combined with the personality you’re looking around for in a soul mate. Personality testing is undeniably a vital element in the matchmaking progression. The online world has given us several remarkable resources to take to the next level. Having the alternative to form an exclusive collaboration with the person who is generating the matches for you offers another dimension to the mathematical outcome of your personality test.

It’s fair to say that another considerable added bonus to using a certified matchmaking service provider is that the men and women you will be meeting are actually vested so to speak. These are generally actual live people that are serious about selecting a mate. They have taken the time to make and keep consultations, plan interviews and have been seen in the light of day. These are men or women just like you, who are truly serious, relevant to what they want and are out there trying to find it. You won’t come across commitment phobes in the matchmaking universe.

Regardless that we are living in an instant gratification environment, the schedule for love can’t be defined, even with a accredited skilled matchmaker. The advantage to a date that doesn’t develop into something more, however, when you are employing a matchmaking organization, is the critical information that can be acquired and put into use from it. The ‘why’ variable that in the dating world ends up being either overlooked or fodder for girls night out, is a key part of focusing your choices. What was inadequate? Where did the date go off course? A skilled qualified professional can help, not only to look for more suitable applicants, but assist you in making sure you’re transmitting the right messages and placing the most suitable you forward.

For the serious minded all set to settle down - not simply settle, matchmaking has long been the tool of choice. Though it is true the economic contribution could possibly be greater than an online specialist, there is no comparison in the two for the level of quality. If you're looking for an economy car you can easily go to a Kia dealership; if you find yourself looking for luxury and quality you throw open the checkbook and head over to BMW or Mercedes. Precisely what is more valuable than locating the very best other half to share all your hopes, wishes and dreams?

About: At Two of Us we excel at connecting you with quality singles from all walks of life. Our well-respected, highly personalized compatibility search elevates your opportunity to connect with over 40,000 exclusive members nationwide. We’ve built countless stories of love using our 2OU® Methodology Commitment that brings over 20 years of matchmaking expertise into play.  Check out Two of Us Customer Reviews now.  The Complaints we get are from customers who wish they had found Two of Us sooner.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dating Made Easy With Two Of Us

Let’s be realistic, courting is challenging. Meeting people you are harmonious with and attracted to is a lot like locating a needle in a haystack - and who's got the time for that? With hectic careers and close friends and family and hobbies and interests to deal with, who has time to go out trolling for a new boyfriend or girlfriend? It was easy when we were in class, suitable singles of our preferred sex were literally everywhere you go. But year after year post-grad it gets somewhat more challenging. It’s not such a issue to be single and seeking at 25. It results in being a greater deal at 30 and a serious concern at 35 and a downright befuddling circumstance at 40 and older. The old adage there is someone out there for everyone is a cliché for a reason - it is correct.
Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to filter through all the single masses to seek out intelligent, amusing dates without needing to go through dozens of dates with dull, insipid people?
The Two Of Us Matchmaking provider has a huge number of happy clients to verify that their technique works. The organization slogan is “because two is always better than one,” and that could not be more true. The sensation that arises from being with someone you adore is like nothing else. The globe generally seems to hum along with an axis the two of you have formulated in your mutual enthrallment with each other. The experienced matchmakers at The Two Of Us understand how to weed through the masses and hone in on the right man or woman to suit your needs, and their record proves it.
The matchmakers at The Two Of Us make it their mission to truly learn each client and their wants, hopes, desires and eccentricities. They then get to work, combing their extensive repository of singles to find their clients the appropriate match. With the thoughtful awareness of detail applied by the staff of The Two Of Us, it is hard to go wrong.
Their process is all-inclusive, thoughtful, dynamic and well-applied. The entire process is about relationship building - first between the staff at The Two Of Us and then between the clients who go out on dates together. The focus on finding love and happiness for its clients makes The Two Of Us a unique business in an industry that is hard to quantify. What price can you put on love? Does or deliver on their promises? At The Two Of Us Matchmaking, the satisfaction of the client is the very first priority. So make an investment in your own future and give The Two Of Us a call today to get started on finding the love of your life.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Two of Us Dating Service Gives A Different Look At Methods To Examine Your Way Of Life

Socrates famous quote while on trial for heresy “An unexamined life is not worth living”, may not be the first thing that pops into your heads when pondering wistful feelings of happily ever after with Prince Charming, but seriously, have you bumped into Prince Charming at the super market or dry cleaner recently?

Ok, I have your attention. Let’s take into consideration Socrates quote for a minute. An unexamined life, with regards to this rant of mine, we’re going to plagiarize his words and insert ‘Love’ before life, so here is the hacked version of the quote: ‘An unexamined Love life is not worth living’. Now perhaps you believe that you've analyzed your love life to death, over email, cocktail and pints of ice cream - FAIL! My guess is if you’ve been drawn this far in to my missive, you haven’t sorted out anything with your version of assessment.

Really checking out ones love live, accomplishment and failure combined could be the one area we are however living in the dark pre technology days when we were hesitant to seek advice, look for help or second opinions; back in a time where, if perhaps you were over 30 and owned a cat, you were the old cat lady. I for starters am delighted we're over this, but exactly why are we so reluctant to take control of our love lives, we take charge of almost everything else. Not satisfied with our work, we find a replacement. Not satisfied with our career choice, we return to school. Don’t like where we reside, we move. We change things up quickly and promptly in other regions of our lives. Why not our romantic life?

Time for you to investigate, and I mean really investigate. Bars and clubs are not working. The gym is great for getting us ready to meet Mr. Right, however it is not for seriously finding him. If fix ups and blind dates worked you would have never gotten past sentence two. Internet and online dating has various really serious disadvantages, Photoshop enhancements being a major drawback. I say it’s time for a little less self-examination and a venture into a specialist. And, No I don’t mean your therapist.

If you were looking for a job in your field and weren’t finding it, you would probably consult a headhunter. Planning a dream vacation to Europe that you been saving for - forever -? No doubt you would use the knowledge of a travel agent. I say it’s time to let an expert help us. Who better than an experienced matchmaker to look us in the eye and inform us not what we want to hear, but what we need to hear? Help us get down to what we are really on the lookout for. Find a way to put into words all the characteristics we have to give and help sort out the traits that we truly desire in a companion. I for one am prepared to stop playing games with the most significant part of my future still unsure. My mission is to follow Socrates advice, and take a look at, with the help of an expert, of course my love life!

At Two of Us we surpass at connecting you with quality singles from all walks of life. Our well-respected, highly customized compatibility search elevates your chance to connect with over 40,000 exclusive members nationwide. We’ve built countless stories of love using our 2OU® Methodology Commitment that brings over 20 years of matchmaking expertise into play.

Meeting your other half is no longer a dream and we work intelligently with you making it a reality. We do it because two is always better than one! Meeting that special someone starts with us meeting you. Call today to schedule your appointment or take our online questionnaire and one of our Relationship Consultants will call you to give you more information.